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Heavy T.O./Heavy M.T.L.

Guest Sweet Tooth

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Guest Sweet Tooth

Hey y'all!

Anyone from the forum going to any of these heavy metal festivals? They're only 5 days away! Who are you excited to see? Disappointed or pumped about the setlist? Let it all out here. I'm going to the Heavy T.O. show and can't wait to see Slayer and Rob Zombie! Megadeth will undoubtedly put on a killer show.... Motorhead will be a first for me and I'm excited to see them as well. Who is ready to f*ckin' rock?!


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Day one of Heavy T.O. was a lot of fun. Didn't care for any of the newer bands, but all the classic bands were on fire! It was my first time seeing Megadeth, and while they sound really great live, they have one of the least energetic shows I've ever seen. Motörhead sounded as great as ever, and Anthrax was killing it. Very cool to see Joey sing Only, though I got my hopes up that they were gonna do I'm The Man when Joey sat down at the drums for Refuse/Resist. Managed to get Scott Ian's setlist!

The festival is a lot smaller than I expected, I'd guess around 30,000. Not too bad for it's first year though!

I'm gonna head downtown and get to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch today, then head over to Downsview this afternoon in time for Anvil. Really hoping the rain holds out today...

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