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Hypothetical Reunion Situation

Kid A

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Today, Axl announces on the GNR website that there will be one show with the original lineup at the Troubador in LA in three months time from today.

Tickets go on sale in one week. All tickets are GA, 400 a pop.

Would you want to go? Would you be able to go? Would you pay 400 for a ticket plus flight hotel food etc? Would you have that money in a week to get a ticket to a certainly sold out in seconds show?

Would you pay extra for scalpers or stubhub tickets?


My answer, I wouldn't have the money for a flight, ticket, and hotel in one week. I'd have to pass.

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If it was one show only, I would definitely travel all the way from Denmark to see it. I would pay whatever it would cost pretty much. (It's easy to say now, though.. But I really believe that I would.)

That being said, a show like that would not make any sense. If they were in it for the money, they would tour the world or at least play a giant stadium. If they did it for the fans, well, a world tour would be the way to do it. Ok, hypothetical situation, I'll shut up now... :)

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