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Slash on That Metal Show today

rattlesnake chain

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I could'v played the "wrong section" card. On second though, maybe there is someone in the ex members section. Or a thread about it. I don't know, I don't go there. You could check though.

I've heard horrid stories about that place.

I go there for Buckethead.

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They discussed hall of fame, it's only 2 minutes. It wasn't relevant because it was taped before the finalists were announced. Axl and Slash have shared skepticism on the RRHOF's induction process, and Slash brought up the VH induction because that was a clusterf--k and VR played the Van Halen set.

There is also the radio interview Eddie (Trunk) did with the CEO of the Rock Hall up on You Tube that cleared up some rumors about the induction process, and turned out Eddie had insider info, and the guy called in.

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