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Read this on another forum. Its a great idea!


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As you know this year, July 21st, is the 25th anniversary of Appetite For Destruction. Best selling debut album of all time. It is also GN'R best selling album of all time with sales exceeding 28 million albums worldwide, and is considered one of the greatest albums of all time.

It is THE ALBUM that gave the kick to glam rocks balls, not grunge. (Grunge destroyed the rock n' roll or at least tried.) It was a much heavier and raunchier album than what was being released with Sunset strip and L.A. scene at the time. Also to many GN'R fans it is THE ALBUM. Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff & Steven. They were all part of it. Like it or not.

Would you be interested for AFD 25th anniversary release? Many bands and artists releases anniversary versions of their biggest and best albums with new stuff included to the fans, of course. What would it have included?

- Remastered version of the album?

- Unrealesed songs and B-Sides? (Shadow of Your Love, You're Crazy first acoustic version?)

- Early Demos?

- Live CD/DVD from that era? Collection of best shows or just one gig?

- Original album cover?

- Full Version of Nightrain (not fade-out album version)

- Songs from GN'R LIES?

- Book? (Updated Reckless Road?)

What would you like?

Sounds like a great idea :thumbsup:

Now is the time. It might even help Axl fund another album.

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re-releases are just a sign of desperation on the industry's part to keep being 'relevant' and basically to keep milking that cow as long as they can... it's like 'Nevermind' was a great album, why release it again with a bunch of extra stuff added to it, so that all the corporate mags in the world could make their special Nirvana editions and they could I don't know show the '92 Reading concert 20 years later at an actual LIVE concert... stuff like that just becomes cyclical until it's all a mess and nothing original gets done...imagine the 70s...did people in the 70s try to revamp their heroes from the 50s ... no, they were too busy creating new music ... so wrt any kind of re-releases, I think it's just a waste of time and energy... The Stones' 'Main Street' re-master sounded totally different and when some of the cool things that made that record imperfect where 'fixed' it lost some of its magic...mistakes are great, it makes it feel that the record is human and a living thing

there's plenty of demoes floating around of the guns early stuff ... take 'em as they are

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Remastering the album would just ruin it. The issue with it is that they master these new records too hot and destroy the dynamics of albums now days. It is sad. Read about the loudness wars. Anyways, there is a good chance that after a remaster the old version would sound better then the new remaster. I do like the idea of bonus songs and demo songs etc... I like the idea of more dvds of concerts and stuff like that. I agree with where Axl is now there is a good chance this will not happen unless the record company does it with out their permission like they did with the Greatest Hits. Releases like this are another casualty of Axl taking GNR in name only as his solo band. Sorry but it is the reason that we don't get more releases from the old band archive.

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