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  1. He said three guitars wouldn’t work with the band they have right now, so If you’re reading any sort of a diss into it, which I doubt was actually intended, it’s actually a dig at Slash, not at Bumblefoot. The implication would be that Slash doesn’t have the sense of musicality it would take to share space with a third guitarist.
  2. It would be funny because he trolled you into believing something stupid. Fair chance the song doesn’t even have anything to do with Cuba at all, given the record on Madagascar.
  3. That sounds more like he was making a joke than a serious statement
  4. Well, we finally got that sloppy done in a few hours instead of done in a few years mix people were always asking for. Can’t say I’m thrilled with the results, on either of the new tracks. Prefer the demo versions of both despite enjoying many of the Slash and Duff additions. As with the final production on CD, the bass is too muted and the songs lose some of their punch as a result. Unlike CD, much of which could be described as intricate, these songs sound jumbled, despite having less going on in them than most of those CD tracks. If Caram is the one responsible for this, I’d be happy to see him replaced. On the other hand, at least stuff is coming out now. And given the choice between getting songs with subpar mixing now or some polished masterpiece in ten years, well, I don’t think there’s a single person here who wouldn’t take the immediate option.
  5. Particularly noticeable in the little closing line bits. Yowza, smoke em if you got em, maybe you’ll do better next time punk, alright that sucked! Me, I was always torn over whether those were fun or cringe. Just depended what kind of mood I was in when I listened fo those songs.
  6. CONTINUATION: get in the ring, Tim Cocks! EDIT: Maybe if Tim Cooks Like A Bitch did better in Hard Skool he would know how to make a battery that works EDIT 2 (14? 15?): Apple can branch out into sound equipment as the next step in their world domination plan, specializing in amps that die for no reason halfway through the show EDIT 16: I will slow down on updates till the show starts to conserve Tim Cuck’s battery, however I will make up for this by doubling down on beer EDIT 17: took like 5 tries to get that last edit to go through. Tim Kook’s perfidy n’ ineptitude knows no limits EDIT 18: n EDIT 19: ‘ EDIT 20: I really don’t know how to slow down EDIT 21: just got an enormous update from a gigantic insider that the estranged to TWAT’s november rain will be known as THOT EDIT 22: she wears dolphin printed leggings in the video and sits on a wedding cake EDIT 23: you can buy her frosting stained leggings on GNRTOURTRUCK.COM EDIT 24: they still cost less than an AFD shirt EDIT 25: i’m hungry EDIT 26: I’ve never written a sound check in my life EDIT 27: please donate to my patreon and subscribe to my onlyfans and simp to my Venmo and like and ABSURD! this post EDIT 28: Wolf time EDIT 29: well this beats the fuck out of that time skrillex opened for them in Houston EDIT 30: Im really not used to having an opening band that’s good, belaying piss beak until intermissio EDIT 31: Wolfie’s songs all have a great groove, danceable on first listen. Beast EDIT 33: girl how the hell your ass crack run halfway up your spine? mutants these days EDIT 34: Vaccatize me, cap’n! EDIT 35: place is filling up nicely now, about half full for WVH and looking over 90% now EDIT 36: homefuck
  7. Just got in line, down by the merch truck. Red sunglasses, anime shirt. Holy Christ they want $100 for the basic Walmart rack AFD shirt? EDIT: theyd make a killing selling beers to the people in line out front. Why does no one except me have good ideas? EDIT EDIT: Picture if you will an official GNR Night Train van parked out front dispensing the aforementioned, perhaps with a few of Fernando’s toy trains on the side. EDIT EDIT EDIT: Obviously I pregamed this, as I mentioned me smart EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: I solemnly swear to shitpost the entire show until my battery dies. EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: how come DJ never made Hollaback Gurrrl part of his solo spot? EDIT x6: no I will not wear my mask over my nose and mouth, can’t you see I’m dual wielding beers EDIT x7: I got E 17 in 117, center left and about three rows back if anyone wants to come and talk shit. White shirt, anime girl EDIT x 8: I am also gonna scream over every song, stay the fuck back if you’re recording video EDIT X 9: HOLT SHIT FERNANDOS TOY TRUCK HAS ITS OWN WEBSITE VISIT GNRTOURTRUCK.COM EDIT X 10: I hope it also has its own Twitter page EDIT x 11: hey truck honk once if they’ll play hard school tonight, honk twice for no EDIT x 12: I hope Slash comes out in a top hat and plague doctor mask combo EDIT x 13: 49% already? Tim “Rim” (Job?) [not Jobs] Cook is a saboteur and a cancer
  8. If you see dark hair and a shirt with an anime girl it’ll probably be me If they slowed it down like the middle of YCBM he could probably muddle through Dont Damn Me
  9. In addition to that, it’s just a very boring cover that doesn’t really have any added value over the original (compare that to how far the Guns versions of KOHD or LALD stand apart from their originals). I’d be opposed to any new covers taking up a regular slot in all the shows from now on, but I certainly wouldn’t mind hearing them as one offs at a show or two. Paint It Black would be well suited to the current state of Axl’s voice, relying on his solid low vocals. I’d be interested in hearing Slash’s take on a solo for it too. Gimme Shelter might be a good choice too to showcase Melissa with the shared vocals.
  10. Wouldn’t throw this onto any of my playlists (I generally just don’t like metal songs with low roaring vocals) but the video was very funny.
  11. This is the most dislikable opinion I’ve read on this thread - on the entire forum perhaps
  12. Axl may have been looking to keep the three guitar arrangement he’d gotten used to, and who else was there besides DJ. May be one reason some of the CD songs dropped out of the set list permanently.
  13. What was I saying two days ago? "Herd immunity is not a possibility" because the Delta variant "still infects vaccinated individuals".  Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, says there is nothing "the UK can do to stop the emergence of new variants".
  14. And in my book, an idiot is someone who who buys into the narrative of a moderately severe respiratory illness being an apocalyptic threat that demands a state of perpetual emergency. How foolish is it to know how our governments took advantage of the last supposedly existential threat we faced (a handful of terrorist attacks) to permanently assume and abuse new powers, curtail civil rights, and implement a total surveillance state, but think that this time it will be nothing like that - this time they really care and have all our best interests at heart, and they’ll really let things all go back to normal if everyone follows their directions just a little bit longer? They’re gonna be locking things up and locking things down again for the next twenty years or more, whether 70% of the population takes the vaccine, or 90%, or 99.9%. Restrictions are never going away for more than a few months at a time. Variants are never going to stop arising. You, a believer in science, think that some magic bullet is going to stop the process of evolution in its tracks? Knowing how decades of widespread vaccine use has never put an end to the rise of new strains of seasonal influenza? That is what I mean when I say “not working as advertised.” They’re selling it as a miracle that’s going to put everything right again - so how dare anyone stand in its way? But there is no miracle. It saves some lives - but it doesn’t stop transmissions. It doesn’t stop variants. This disease will never be eradicated. The state of emergency will never be lifted. Take the vaccine, don’t take it, up to you, I don’t care. It’s the mandates that are the issue. Liberty versus safety, and I favor liberty. It’s that simple. Living freely is more precious than living a few extra years. We’re all going to die of something one day. You may not share that mindset yourself, but if you can’t at least understand it, I don’t know how you ever have been a fan of the band that made Appetite. Am I one of those people who worries about Bill Gates injecting everyone with microchips? No. But there is a mind game at play here, of taking everyone’s righteous anger and frustration at the abuses and incompetence of our governments and at the corporations who’ve profiteered and exploited this situation, and redirecting it the powerless ordinary people on the other side, the vaxed against the unvaxed (and before that, the masked and the unmasked). Who is it that’s really getting away with murder here? Who is it that has really been robbing you for the last year? It’s the people who’ve been making the rules, not the people who’ve been breaking them.
  15. Why, if they hadn’t locked everything down, it might have gotten just as bad there as Sweden! https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-europe-mortality-idUSKBN2BG1R9
  16. Was that really the words? Always heard “with all I am / I ask that you all be damned”
  17. A rate of new infections this August with ~70% of the population vaccinated being around the same as that of last November, when ~0% of the population was vaccinated suggests this simply is not true.
  18. How much of the lower death rate is from the demographics who were most acutely vulnerable to the disease dying of it in the first wave and not being around to die of it again? The vast majority of the population is at a statistically negligible chance to die from it in the first place, so there’s little point in anyone outside the high risk demographic taking it. If it doesn’t prevent or slow transmissions to any significant extent, only lessen their severity, then there’s no “herd immunity” effect from everyone taking it - and thus no moral imperative for everyone to get it.
  19. Figures obtained from notorious Russo-Chinese-Nazi disinformation conspiracy website the New York Times. It’s not August 1st anymore. Deaths are twice as high as that in the last two days.
  20. Someone (not sure if he wishes to be named) made me a version of the locker leaks edition with the “what can I do?” and “Absurd!” choruses and a few added guitar parts, not the Bumblefoot 2006 ones unfortunately. Having both of those really fills out the song. The 2006 Bumblefoot ones would have to be rearranged somewhat since they moved the verses around.
  21. Reported deaths per day at the moment are not far off from last November’s, when the infection rate was on par with the current one. It’s doing far less than advertised.
  22. Reported infections just as high as last year’s despite 70% of the population being vaccinated, yeah these shots clearly work.
  23. My brother couldn’t understand the words the first time through and thought it sounded like he was saying I’M SAD! I’M SAD!
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