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Ugly Kid Joe - Stairway to hell EP


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UGLY KID JOE Forum - Vaureal (Paris) 13 06 2012

Bootleg here: http://www.packupload.com/CKUKFWGGJMK







Panhanlin Prince

Milkman's Son


Devil's Paradise

--------- (acoustic set)

Come Tomorrow

Cats in the cradle


Sweat Leaf (Sab' cover)

I'm alright

Tomorrow's World

Goddamn Devil

-------- (encore)


M. Recordman (Klaus singing)

Everything About You

Very good quality audience recording, using a Zoom H2N

No thanks to me, other than spreading the word, these guys are back, and they still rock! rock3

Credit goes to Opethmaniac (Opie!) over at http://z8.invisionfree.com/ukj/index.php?

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They're in my top five bands of all time. Thee's not one tune they've released I can say I dislike. Fuck, they may be my favorite band of all time, now that I ponder it.

Their evolution from that 1st EP through Motel California was just stellar. In fact, I recently purchased their back catalog in the form of the Japanese pressings and have been really enjoying the ride.

I'll also be grabbing the new EP in physical form next month when it's released, although I have checked out the new tunes on YouTube, and "No One Survives" really stands out.

Good to see some love for UKJ, and if they don't tour the states, I may weep, as it's been a long wait.

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