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Heverly Brothers

Dead Flower

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Todd doing harmonies with Myles is is pretty sweet. Dude can wail.

They take Back From Cali to another level when they sing it together live.

On the new album they also do some great stuff. A lot of choruses are really given an extra boost by Todd. The Chorus to You're a Lie is awesome with Todd coming in and wailing over that huge riff. One Last Thrill with Todd's "you know I can't deny" parts.

I'm also fond of Todd's echo of Myles in the outro to Bad Rain.

If Slash sticks with this group, the Heverly Brothers dynamic should definitely be explored more on future albums.

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Todd is the man.. His vocals are the only reason why I don't want Duff jumping in on this action. To be honest I wonder what it would be like with Todd on lead vocals. Myles has range and has grown on me but his voice can still get annoying sometimes. Some songs he just doesn't sound good on. Slash is tearing it up so fucking hard that I can get by that though.

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