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Oi, Bruv! Got a Rizzla?!

The Sandman

Do you smoke?  

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Partially because I was reminded of the title and wanted to use it... but want to ask, how many people here smoke? What are the reasons for you smoking?

I've never been a fan - always used to think it was cool, but surely the expense of it makes you not want to?

Anyway, discuss away!

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Been smoking since I was 13 which will be 20 years this year but I've never got to the point where I'd consider myself to be addicted. I'll smoke when I'm having a drink or if I just feel like a ciggy sometimes but I can go weeks and not even think about it yet sometimes I'll go on 20 a day for a while then knock it on the head and not bother for ages. :shrugs:

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I love smoking. I love the taste, I love holding a cigarette, It always made me more relaxed, I loved doing it.

I hated however, how addicted I was. Could not be without a cigarette, more than an hour.

However when decided having kids, I stopped. Slipped a couple of times on party's and such. Still very funerable for it, but I really don't want to anymore. I have to for my health and for my kids.

Oh, by the way, I started smoking at age 16, cause I was sooooooo cooooool :crazy:

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Guest Sleeping Like An Angel

No. I hate everything about it. The only thing that would tempt me is that it would stop me eating.

I actually can't stand being around people who smoke. Even if they're not smoking the smell is over their clothes and breath. Yuck!

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Guest Len B'stard

been smoking since i was in year 7 in school, i know it was the year i started secondary school, smoke everyday, B&H, not much though, like under a pack a day, roughly like 15/16 fags a day?

Oh yeah, does skunk count? Two spliffs a day at very least.

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Smoking makes you look cool, controls your appetite, and makes you sociable. There's no reason not to smoke. Fact.

110% agree % on the proviso you're not being sarcastic

What about the cancer causing compounds? Does that ever worry you?

Well I ready toast, bbq and coffee. Plenty of that shit in nyah.

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i smoke weed every now and then in the privacy of my home when the little guy is asleep

The little guy?


no not my penis my g.f has a young son

Wtf did you do man? (grabs head)

tbh man it doesn't bother me so much anymore plus i dont intend to make it a long term thing just while im bored and horny

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Guest Len B'stard

I smoke a cigar, every three weeks probably and I smoke a corn cob pipe a couple times a week. I don't inhale, but i like to unwind at the end of the day and something about a pipe is relaxing to me, same for a cigar.

*applauds* What a fuckin' geezer :lol: I'm quite serious too, i like that, thats fuckin' cool, a cigar or a pipe, thats pretty fuckin' slick :lol:

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