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Harry S. Plinkett reviews The Phantom Menace

Dan H.

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these were good, but his subsequent videos got worse. he started putting really creepy humour into them.

also, he's got a typical geek mindset. i mean, phantom menace isn't particularly good, but it's not that terrible - just disappointing compared to the originals - and i think the fact that he uses movies like gremlins, terminator and starship troopers for comparison's sake is kinda amusing. i mean, i like all three, but they're not exactly the pinnacle of cinema, and gremlins and starship troopers in particular weren't greatly received by critics. they're cult films for geeks like him, and someone with a snobby attitude could just as easily deride those films and compare them to classic cinema or something. get what i'm saying? that's the thing that annoys me about fanboys on the internet...half the time the stuff they hold up as benchmarks aren't even really all that great anyway...

all that aside it is a pretty funny video, and very well-edited. now he does a weekly video podcast with some other guy where he speaks in his normal voice and reviews films. some of them are kinda good. i liked the spider-man one.

it's called half in the bag if you wanna google it. if you liked this chances are you'll like the others too.

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