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Catcher In The Rye


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I liked the book, and the two are connected as far as I know.

EDIT: This is what Axl said about it.

Axl - " Ok, I’ve never actually tried to put this into words this way before and this’ll probably get me in trouble with someone but here goes...

The piano started while watching a documentary or A&E type show on Chapman and wanting to write something for Lennon and his family.

W/the book it started as fascination and curiosity with Holden Caufield Syndrome and what was or could possibly be in the book that obviously certain vulnerable people have seemed to become so passionate about and resort to outrageous public attempts or acts of violence. That and the question most have in regard to Lennon’s death...why?

Can’t say I have those answers but I feel our song pays the emotional tribute to John Lennon in the end that I’d wanted to write since the night he was killed and also since first listening to Elton and Bernie’s Empty Garden.

I read the book. I fell into a deep dark sleep. Went to the studio and sang as a joke what I refer to as the Holden parts off the top of my head and felt at the time at least imo I had stumbled on a way of thinking that had a pattern and a flow but was broken up like a television station going out and coming back slightly off course intermittently and not making sense with it’s earlier portion.

Where this unease helped to justify or even demand taking action and feeling the power of taking that action against whoever your mind felt was somehow involved or the root of this unease and alienation. Accompanied by a calming surreal almost religious (but totally insane) vibe I think that if some were to experience having limited capabilities, insecurities or are mentally and emotionally challenged in some way could find a false sense of solace and take comfort in like being on some type of drugs or meds but with an added completely false sense of an imagined calling or purpose.

It certainly could and very well often would feel better than some individuals real world or having to experience or live with a clearer perspective of their true reality...

All of which of course could be imagined and hooked together by events like Lennon’s murder, reading the book, wanting to write a song about someone being insane, John Lennon, Chapman, people shooting people and watching Mel Gibson’s Conspiracy!

And when I got home not in any dramatic way but more like cleaning off the dinner table I threw my book away.

Don’t know if any of that’s really what any of that’s about but that’s how it hit me and just like an instant cake we got the basis for a song.

The Stand, A Scanner Darkly, The Mutant King, The Zodiac, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein."

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It's funny how much Axl says he hated the book.

He really seemed to see some kind of evil in there. He's someone who lost his childhood to abuse, so there's definitely something that could resonate with him on a personal level.

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