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Do you know her?

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That's "Stolat" some crazy chick that lives in South Australia and has a vivid imagination. She was banned a few years ago from HTGTH.

Here is one of her equally crazy threads from HTGTH. Funny as fuck, until you start to entertain the thought that she might actually believe this shit.


There was something that really stood out when I heard November Rain at the Adelaide concert.

Just before the last guitar solo (the outro), Axl stopped singing, the band stopped playing and I though to myself. Oh, aren't they going to play the outro. Surely not!

Suddenly, the stage lights went down and a second later, the stage was bathed in a deep blue light. There was a pause and then the song picked up again and the outro was played.

Now, in any stage production you just don't use lights willy nilly. Lighting is used to add to the performance.

So what was the significance of the blue light? And the obvious pause before the outro?

Having spent some time here prior to the concert, my brain just went "oh, The Blues"..........a message for Slash maybe?

Did any one else notice this at the concerts?

Yeah right the blue light is clearly a message to Slash..... lol


Here is some other comedy posted by her:


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