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i dont know if you guys have heard the latest bullshit regarding Billie Joe Armstrong and greenday, but greed day has been pulled from the saturday spot at the voodoo experience in new orleans on October 27th. Even thought it was previously announced BJA would be entereing rehab, it was announced today, October 8th, 9 days before the show that they were being pulled from the bill. the voodoo website still has a question mark around green days artist box and time slot. who do you guys think could fill in that isnt touring or in that area on such short notice? i mean usually these things are planned months in advance, but voodoo has a history of being late with there announcements, ie last year went they announced a band a day for the whole summer. any way can i get your guys opinions? suggestions? preffering mostly rock/metal even though its an all music fest, something to fill Green Days shoes.

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