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Do you love the sound of Brain's drumkit?


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Guest LarsNorwegw

The Tokyo 92 solo is fucking awesome! Being repetitive in drumming on full tracks is good! You can't be adding stuff all the time, otherwise it will not have the same meaning.

You gotta be kidding me? Or are you seriously this retarded? For your sake I hope you're joking. When I said he is playing the same fills over and over again, I meant as in different songs... It's like he only knows 3-4 fills so he has to use them in all the songs. Understand? Would you like the guitarist to play the same solo in every song too?

What i see from this Shackler's track is that Brain has a great groove in the beginning than halfway he loses it...


Im not gonna discuss with you anymore.

AndreCC . 8 New songs. Do not Fuck with him.

Please share, ARC! :)

Btw, I love ARC and AndreCC

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