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90's and 'Frontman crisis'


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I was wondering why is it that, in the 90's many huge-name rock bands replaced their frontmen. I know each of them had their own reason but I think it's possible one influenced the other, or maybe it was just a huge coincidence. Here's a list of some bands that replaced their frontmen in the 90's:

- Iron Maiden

- Judas Priest

- Motley Crue

- Van Halen

- Misfits

- Anthrax

- Deep Purple

Can you guys list any other bands?

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The guitarists were the main creative influence in all those bands. I think it's as simple as that. Maiden, Van Halen, Anthrax, and Deep Purple had already gone through other vocalists before they changed again in the 90s, and Misfits just reformed after more than a decade away with a new vocalist.

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You could say Black Sabbath and Deep Purple started the trend in lead singer replacements in the 70s.

I'd exclude Deep Purple because Gillan came back.

Hagar ran his course with Van Halen, III would've been a better album with him but I think they were in a decline when Balance came out anyway.

Dead Kennedys and Misfits are at my top of WTF replacement singers. Jello will never reunite with them.

I think Journey moved on from Steve Perry in the 90s.

Genesis - the guy named Ray who sounded like Peter Gabriel.

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