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This thread should be removed

Nosaj Thing

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So, a thread was made in D&N to insult BBA (http://www.mygnrforum.com/index.php?/topic/200433-is-bba-gay/), a member of this forum and a mod saw the thread but instead of locking it or in this case, deleting it he decided to move it to Attitude. I don't know who this person was but all I know is that he was fuckin' stupid and should be demoted because he doesn't even know the rules of this fuckin' forum.

Had it been a thread about Axl's weight or looks made by me, I would have been warned, suspended or banned but no, a thread insulting BBA is just harmless.

What do HV or UK SUBS have to say about this?

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Titles such as this won't be tolerated further in here
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I've removed the thread as it should have been. I'll talk to the mod that moved it. I daresay it was in response to BBA's constant threads questioning the sexuality of various band members. :shrugs:

For the 50th time, we don't need a thread every single time someone is questioning a mod decision. Send a PM to Subs or I if you're concerned about a decision a mod has made, this subforum is not intended to be a soapbox where people complain about the job the moderators do (for free, in their own time). I'm not sure how I can communicate this any more clearly.

Show the mods a little respect - they bust their ass for you guys and get nothing in return. Your original thread title was unnecessary, so I've changed it.

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