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Dinosaurs was horrible!

I also found myself coming across their anti marijuana episode where Robbie finds a plant and shares it and everyone takes it except Francine and the Baby (who hate it) until the end when they see what they look like and then have some talk to the audience about not doing marijuana, and to not eat but to just get rid of it, by burning it lol.

Then, yesterday, I found myself watching Sister Sister... The whole pilot episode and then half of the appendicitis episode (Where they had their appendixes removed). - I've forgotten just how funny that show was, even as an adult I find myself laughing at that show... That was cool. Nostalgia rocks if you're an 80's born 90's child, like, late '86 born came aware like 'maybe late '89, but around '90 for sure.

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Guest Len B'stard

Dinosaurs was great but the baby was scary.

Oh shit, i remember that! I dunno whats it's about or nothing but the name rings a bell.

Clarissa Explains It All anyone? Uh, not that i ever watched it or anything! :D

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