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Guest Len B'stard

They kinda remind me of The Buzzcocks of Britpop, big at the time, less sung up these days but like, seriously high standard stuff

'Oh maybe maybe it's the clothes we wearrrr'

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Trash is a classic. Even though it's not off Dog Man Star. But stuff they did after has commercial tune appeal.

As time goes by Blur can be a bit forced bcos they were are. Oasis a bit workmanlike. But Suede always elegantly wasted. But it's like a fantasy landscape they live in, a bit like like Morrissey meets Bowie and early Stones.

All the songs are very tastefully done though. In that timeless way where it's hard to place.

Even on their last studio album where nobody gives a shit Obsession and Positivity are gems. Saturday Night should be a theme tune a british sit com something.

It's a crime that The Wild Ones, We Are the Pigs, New Generation aren't more well known songs.

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