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Whatever happened to Rod Jackson?


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I think there was a thread on this a few months ago. I didn't know about those recordings jester, thanks for sharing - Rod still sounds great. Unfortunately though, he really hasn't done any hard rock (that I'm aware of) since ALG. Shame, as noted in this thread, the guy has a monster voice; just perfect for hard rock/Slash.

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I've always wondered why he never asked Rod to sing for VR or just to go ahead and do an album with Slash again. He was such a great singer, one of the high points of ALG is the vocals.

Slash said in his book that Rod was going through a drug addiction and maybe he just doesn't want to be associated with that type of people anymore.

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I think that's why he was fired. He didn't tell the other guys he was a junkie.

I really like that song posted above. He still has that awesome, powerful voice. His Wikipedia page says he's working on a rock album. Hope to see that surface sometime soon.

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