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Happy Birthday + 1 Magisme!!! Hope the next one is Better!!!


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Happiest of birthdays to you Mr. Mags :)qnnpts.jpg


A ginger would never kill another ginger.



And might I say, I find it incredibly amusing that my hate club has so much hate that they come into a thread that is purely positive and about an awesome member of this forum and makes it about me and their hate for me. :awesomeface:

You guys are priceless!


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Please don't be an asshole to friends wishing me a happy birthday in a birthday wishes thread.

Kisses back at ya, Red.

Exactly. Please don't be an asshole to a genuinely well wishing member of this forum wish a happy birthday to a genuinely awesome member of this forum.

Unfortunately, assholes can't help but be assholes even at the most inappropriate times. :shrugs:

And I'm not talking about JB here. ;)

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