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Another 80's super band is touring America in 2016.

I would love to see them because I just love that song Final countdown. lol

Anyway, I saw their tour dates and this tour seems huge. I know Europe haven't toured the US in a long time and since most 80's bands seem to make out well in the US, I'm not surprised that they decided it's time to tour.

After I saw that commercial with Europe singing The Final Countdown I knew it was a matter of time before a tour began. Good for them.

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Europe reunited 12 years ago, so not really all that new.

They recorded 5 studio albums since, 3 dvd's and 3 live albums...

Unfoertunatelly, although good, their albums lack the magic from the 80's.

IMO they made huge mistake going with John Norum instead of Marcello on guitar.

Unlike Marcello where every song had a hit potential and sounded different, now every song sounds - same.

Not bad, but not that great either.

First 2 albums sounded very Velvet Revolverish, third kinda like old Europe, last one bluesy and this one Deep Purpelish.

Again, don't understand if you had the magic in the 80's, why detune guitars and sound like others.

Nevertheless, they are a great band.

Also, had one US tour post reunion, 2005.

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I know Europe continued their career in well Europe, but over in the US they never really did anything after the 1980's, but yeah, final countdown is a song that will live forever.

It's just one of those songs you never tire of singing.

I think my daughter and I will go just to hear that song and have fun!

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