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Pittsburgh 2002


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ive heard some songs from that concert and axl's voice seems to be at its best. ive heard a lot of songs from the 2002 tour and from what i can gather axl sounded the best in pittsburgh. If anyone was there was the show as good as it sounded

I was not there but I think when you are there live,the show always sounds better.

As for it being Axl at his best,I dissagree....He was on fire at MSG 2002,and in Toronto Canada.....But IMO bootlegs don't always do a band justice.

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I haven't been there but i've got Chinese Democracy from the gig in Pittsburg Axl's voice sounds great and a decent download of Chinese Democracy as well

I now have all the pittsburg songs

they are all great especially Out ta get Me

where axl shouts

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I was at the Pittsburgh show, and with the exception of the 11:00 starting time (the cops were seriously bracing for a riot) it was amazing. Axl voice was great, and the rest of the band sounded pretty good too. His howl on "Live and Let Die" made the arena go crazy.

Are you serious about the cops? It wouldn't surprise me.

I was at the Pittsburgh show too. They did take the stage at 11 or 11:15 PM. I can't remember exactly.

All I know if the crowd was getting real restless and I was getting nervous myself.

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Yeah, VanJay, a friend of mine was talkin to the security at Mellon Arena and they were saying they had no idea where Axl was. They knew the crowd was getting pissed so they told all the security there to get ready for a riot soon. My friend also said that had that show been cancelled we wouldn't have gotten a refund unless a riot broke out and we got injured. She had her lighter ready to start setting things on fire, which is always a smart move.

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I listened to that bootleg a few times, and i think Axl was talking about some girl ...

I'll try to do it literally, but i dont guarantee 100 % perfection ;)

"...I was in this restaurant bar and... there was this girl ..and she seemed to be excited...and wanted an autograph, ... then i finished eating and then she wanted to talk.... and then she proceeded to rip me into asshole.... i was like "where did you get that stuff?!?.." and she was like "I read the internet, i know what's going on!"...(laughs) yeah there's a fuckin' reliable source there..... well, i find out what's happening in my own band on the internet, so... it's a handy tool, the internet.... this is song called Patience... "

(not all the words correct, but i tried to do it as accurate as possible)

IMO Pittsburgh gig was one of best in 2002 Tour..

PS: Sorry for typing this so late (few months after last post), but i just had to do that before going to bed (2.AM) :)

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Guest Ohdistortedsmile1789
What does he say? the only thing I have heard is "..it`s a handy tool the internet" but they say that axl says somthing before that...like a speech or somthing

Is the Pittsburgh concert good "over-all" ??

(ohh...fuck! excuse my english)

Your english is pretty good.

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