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Skid Row


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Skid Row is awesome. I'm listening to Youth Gone Wild right now! :)

only heard youth gone wild, love the song, gonan go out and buy an album soon any suggestions?

Get either SKID ROW or SLave to the Grind if you like that kind of music, but if u like teh heavier stuff get subhuman race.

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Skid Row's music is good but sometimes there image is rubbish.

Like Bach can be a tit.

and Skid Row is sort of a bad name. I think overall they could have done with not giving a fuck a bit more.

But there records rule.

I got there new one which pretty good.

I love Slave to the Grind.

If you ignore the image, then they are a great band.

The album is good cos they just play and there's not many band photos. not much press.

I saw that some how they got there music on X games - skateboarding show, pretty cool.

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Guest Bloody-milk

Skidrow is O.K.

I like what the vocalist did in one of his concerts.He jumped in the audience after a fan threw at him a bottle.He was funny.I enjoyed it even though it was violent.

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