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linkin park sales in us


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Well good on them, that's all I can say.

But I will go into a slight rant filled with my opinions...

I do feel they have been avoiding writing any new material and just been regurgatating the old hits in a slightly different format (a la Live, Jay-Z or Reanimations). What next, Hybrid Theory acoustica? A Meteora DVD/CD combo performed in mime? The Best Of with a Moroccan theme? It's an approach done by many these days. Just look at Bon Jovi - countless 'best of's, Live performances and they've just re-released their debut album. haven't seen much new material in a while. Metallica - S&M, Some Kind of Monster. But at least they're trying with material. Surely some other people know they're being conned by buying the same merchandise with a small difference? Does anyone else agree?

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Linkin Park is for loser angst filled dumb ass 12 year olds, that dont relise that your parents not buying you a an extra xbox controller is nothing to go to counselors about. My generation has no reason to be embrassing bands like Good Charlotte, Linkin Park, and other whiney ass bands like them.

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Guest Conga Fissure


8 mil. poor, misguided people.

Kidding. :chef:

I don't really like it because......the world is much more complex then crying in a balled up position "I'm soooo cold (voice breaks)....m..my parents didn't buy me....Ahhhwww (cries)".

The world is so fucked up.

Socially- yes. Backwards politicians, religious hypocrisy, war, scandal, rape, lies and the integration of malasial, depressing, woe is me, shallow, corporate pawned new metal bands.

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