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Queen @ Brixton

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Brixton Set List

Queen and Paul Rodgers live at Brixton setlist The set list for Queen + Paul Rodgers live at Brixton Academy, London on March 28, 2005 was as follows:

1. Paul Rodgers vocal intro

2. Tie your mother down

3. A little bit of love

4. I want to break free (audience sings most of the song)

5. Fat bottomed girls

6. Crazy little thing called love

7. Seagull (Roger Taylor on percussion)

8. '39 (Brian May alone)

9. Love of my life (Brian May and crowd)

10. Hammer to fall (slow version followed by normal version)

11. Brighton rock

12. Last horizon

13. These are the days of our lives (Roger Taylor on vocals) [Queen in Japan footage on screen]

14. Radio Ga Ga (Roger Taylor on vocals then Paul Rodgers joins)

15. Can't get enough of your love

16. I'm in love with my car (Roger Taylor on vocals and drums)

17. I want it all (Brian May on vocals)

18. A kind of magic

19. Bohemian Rhapsody (Freddie Mercury on vocals - footage from "Live at the Bowl" on screen, band joins for the last part of the song)

20. The Show must go on

---- Band leaves the stage

21. Feel like making love

22. All right now

---- Band leaves the stage

23. We will rock you

24. We are the champions

25. God Save The Queen

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As much as I love Queen, that sounds pretty dire. Decent setlist I suppose but just won't be the same without Freddie. Yet to hear Rogers do Queen songs right enough but something tells me they wouldnt feel quite right,

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