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Madagascar cover

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Hello all...

Some people at HTGTH and TheNewGuns.com already know this cover, hope you'll like it too. I played the guitars and my friend did the keyboards/bass/drums tracks. We mixed everything with the Cool Edit Pro software.

Thanks to rainX and all the staff at TheNewGuns board for hosting and supporting.

If you liked, stay tuned 'cause I'll put another newgnr song soon. :shades:

Edited: I can't put the actual link to download the file. Please, check the thread about it on cd.com: http://www.chinesedemocracy.com/viewtopic.php?t=6064 <-- you can find the link there.

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Thanks guys. It's funny how some people didn't like the solo and some love it. :confused:

Anyways, I'm guess I will re-record the solo. I'll put it like the RIR3 one (the better one, IMO). But first I'm trying to put out The Blues.. The guitar tracks are 99% done and mixed. I'm waiting for the keyboards parts...

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