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just got back

Big Boy Sixxx

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i went to see the kaiser chiefs for my mates 22nd

they were awful, their warm upp act - 9black alps were gud though. i was dreading going and their pompus indie shit was as expected. crap just crap. deffinatly the worst band ive ever paid to see.

soooooo.................dont go see em.

what bands have you ever gone to see and wished you hadnt bothered?

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Ok dont flame me here but...........

Plant & Page :unsure: It was the tour with the Egyptian Orchestra !! funny though cause I saw Plant back in the 80's circa Big Log and it was one of the best concerts I have been too


Neil Young!! fell asleep during this one! <_<

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Not so much Iwish I hadn't gone, but I saw Sting last monday. It was a solid music show, but as far as the better band his opening act blew him away: Phantom Planet. Yes, they sang the OC theme song, and that was sort of good, but not aweful. I had never really heard anything by them other than that song. They really are a solid grunge band.

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Neil Young!! fell asleep during this one!  <_<

You know, I really, really don't like Neil Young at all.

This concert was purely feedback crap!!

If it had of been all his classic stuff then fine.............. BUT IT WASNT!!!! <_<

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prob the libertines for me

it would have been a good gig (even though i don't like them) but i was too stoned to get into it

ha some bloke thought i was one of the libertines last night, he asked me in the bristol reflex toilets! the one that left and fell out with the one who's still in the band

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man its people like you that make it hard for us propeer fans to get tickets! I really like t'kaisers and i wish i could see them. Im super in to the new indie music that is about at the moment so wateva!

and from what i seen of you, you are nothing like pete from the libertines!!

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