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The funniest music video


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Just about any video directed by and featuring Mr. Diamond David Lee Roth. My personal favorites for funniest are Just a Gigolo and Yankee Rose (especially the first minute or so).

Also, all the Weird Al Yankovic ones! My favorite is Amish Paradise.

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Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly / Breakout

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop. They just do stupid random things :lol:

Nirvana - In Bloom. Not sure if it's comedy but it's funny they are dressed as nerds then they trash the place

Guns N' Roses - Garden Of Eden

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Now a really exotic choice:

Vinnie Vincent Invasion - Boyz Are Gonna Rock (I think you can find it on DC++ somewhere, it's worth the download) :P

And yes Twisted Sister has a lot of funny videos, I wanna rock is great. But also You can't stop Rock n Roll is very funny :lol:

edit: I actually found it on the web, I had posted a topic about this ages ago. So if you want a weird over-the-top funny music video - check out the Vinnie Vincent Invasion : Boyz Are Gonna Rock thread :P

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