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dude, manowar is ultra-cheesy. uber-cheesy, if you will. like...the holy grail of cheesiness.

They are a bunch of rock dinosours, the whole hard rock thing with the lyrics and black outfits has become such a joke.

And Axls hair may have looked cheesy looking back from 2005, but back in 1987 it was not considered cheesy.

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your not getting my point, so what if theyre cheesey? theyre still good, yea the whole outfit thing has died out but so had the gnr thing and slash is still wearing pretty much the same clothes. You cant make me not like them, its physically impossible :D

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I got there last album. I not sure if they are serious or are joking but musically they are tight, pretty heavy, verging on being a joke.

Are they from New York - like Italian American - seem really right wing, some said gay??

They're lyrics are either a complete joke or classic metal?

"Where the eagle flies I will soon be there"

Fight for Freedom!!!

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are those the guys that play "hearts on fire"

hearts on fire (2x)

burning, burning with desire.

they are not good but good to make fun of.


No, it's Hammerfall and Hammerfall is cool.

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