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What Artist Do You Have The Most Material Of?


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31 miles davis albums

followed closely by dylan's 25+ albums plus live shit

followed even more closely by led zeppelin's full collection plus a shitload of bootlegs

rolling stones full albums minus some shitty ones

the beatles...pretty much full collection

buckethead....full discography even with shit from thanotopsis and other random bands

i really need more funk :(

oh yeah...gnr...just...all albums plus 5 concerts

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The Rolling Stones/The Doors/The Who/Bowie/Bob Dylan/Hendrix/Deep Purple,thanks to my dad :)

In my own collection Leonard Cohen and John Frusciante by far.People keep sending me alot of Johns' stuff,not that I have any complaints mind you...

After that I guess GNR,STP,The Pogues,RHCP,Thin Lizzy,Rory Gallagher(again my dad)Queen...

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My GN'R collection so far:





Live Era

Yesterdays CD Single

Greatest Hits

Hollywood Rose

Welcome to the Videos

UYI Tokyo DVD I & II

Maximum Guns N' Roses

The Band That Time Forgot

The Guns N' Roses Anthology (Guitars and Vocals book)

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere


3 T-Shirts (2 Chi Dem tour shirts + 1 old logo)

and a small but growing collection of bootlegs and demos

What I want most: Chinese Democracy rock1

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1. Sublime - 15 DVDs, 2 VHS, 100+ CDs (Live, Demo, Studio, Remixs, Acoustic), Press Kits, Plus all offical albums.

2. Guns N' Roses - 21 DVDs, 3 VHS, 150+ CDs, Maybe more (Live, Demo, Studio, Remixs, Acoustic), and all offical albums.

3. Blind Melon - 5 DVDs, about 20 CDs (Live, Demo, Studio, Remixs, Acoustic), and all offical albums.


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