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better jailbreak album


which jailbreak album is better  

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Thin Lizzy by a mile. i love AC/DC, but '74 Jailbreak isn't even a real album. it's just an EP made up of songs they didn't release on their U.S. versions of "High Voltage" and "TNT/Dirt Deeds". i do love the songs on it but, has everyone voting actually listened to the entire Thin Lizzy album? it's more than just "Boys Are Back In Town" and "Cowboy Song". songs like "Romeo and The Lonely Girl" and "Emerald" are freakin' killer.

do yourself a favor and go buy Lizzy's "Jailbreak" you'll end up going out and buying more Thin Lizzy, i promise!!

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I went for Thin Lizzy. Great band and a brilliant album. Although I love AC/DC, and the actual song Jailbreak is one of their best studio efforts, '74 Jailbreak isn't a full album. It doesn't stand up to something as legendary as Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy -- even a completely biased fan like me will admit that straight off the bat.

Romeo and The Lonely Girl, Warriors, Jailbreak and (of course) The Boys are Back in Town are my picks off the album.

RIP Phil. :(

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