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..I.R.S...and TWAT..will not be on the album..


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...W. Axl Rose knows that we will keep listenin` to those both songs now 4 month...they will be for sure good studio B-versions..."Better" was just a teaser...it will be the first single...

...am i right?

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Well me personally thought TWAT was f**kin' great. The guitar lead licks sounded straight out of "use your illussion" years gone by. Maybe it just cuz i've not heard a real studio..ish song with axl in for so long thou im just forcing myself to like it,then again........................NAHHHH!!!! ITS F'ing great :rofl-lol: rock1

As for "better" im looping it at the moment and i really think its growing on me! I.R.S would proberly get better feedback if the sound quality was better and didn't sounded like it was recorded in the bathroom of a Red neck bar LOL :question:

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