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Richards site update


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Saw that, pretty cool. The new site looks good. I do wish that he would comment on GNR more of course ;-p

He's likely not allowed.


Agreed, they probably all have to sign a disclosure agreement before they join the band.

Still, rather than say 'This isn't the place for that information' just say that you're not allowed to source the info and that all comments will be on the official site instead or something...of course we all know the official site is about as professional and active as a a fuzzy turd or something :rofl-lol:

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On richards official site he has an mp3 player at the bottomof the site. The very first track that plays is not listed but every other track is does anyone know the name of the band or track that first plays kinda reminds me a little bit like prince but not really. I would be grateful. http://www.4tus.com/


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