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VH1 aired GN'R Behind The Music today


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I just found it a little interesting that with the recent GN'R buzz that VH1 would air the Behind The Music from two years ago. The program wasn't updated (it still says Chinese Democracy is scheduled for November 2004 release :) ) but I wonder if it's a prelude to something much bigger. VH1 doesn't air these Behind The Music shows all the time like they used to.

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It probably didn't mean anything, but I thought it was a little odd when I turned on the tv last night too. It was not suppose to be on. My on screen tv guide did not list it. I think the word is just out there and they are jumping on the band wagon too. The media is bound to kiss a little a@s right now. They all want a interview, and they all want to be the ones to get the cd date first! I think we will be seeing a lot of gnr poping up all over!

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nothing to do with CD. you get loads of gnr releated programs.



GNR 2's UP

the evolution of Axl Rose

the evolution of slash


i have seen those 6 programs on music channels within the last month.

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