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UK tour - Wembley already sold out?!


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According to Ticketmaster, Ticketline, and Seetickets there are no more tickets left for the Wembley Arena show. Perhaps a second one will be added shortly? Does anyone know if this might happen?

Edit - my bad, stargreen.com has some

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Sheffield Hallam Arena (seated) on Tuesday 18 July

Sheffield Hallam Arena (standing)

Newcastle Metro Arena on Wednesday 19 July

Glasgow SECC (seated) on Friday 21 July- SOLD OUT

Glasgow SECC (standing) - SOLD OUT

Manchester M.E.N Arena on Sunday 23 July

Birmingham NEC (seated) on Tuesday 25 July

Birmingham NEC (standing) - SOLD OUT

Nottingham Arena (seated) on Thursday 27 July

Nottingham Arena (standing)

London Wembley Arena (seated) on Sunday 30 July- SOLD OUT

London Wembley Arena (standing) - SOLD OUT



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You English chaps are alright. I would love to be at any of these shows. I am glad there is so much enthusiasim towards GNR despite no album single or real release date. At least they know good music in the UK. However I am not sure if they could do the same in the USA right now

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Im raging i couldn't get a ticket for the SECC in Glasgow, it sold out in no time at all. They really should have played a stadium, but thats just the oppinion of someone who's going to have to buy a ticket of E-Bay for an extortionit price, its like Bon Jovi all over agaian damn!!!

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I'm unfortunately not going to Wembley this year anyway :drevil: because i go on holiday early august and need money for that. I am going to Hammersmith and Download though but sadly not Wembley. It kicks fuckin' ass though that it's pratically sold out rock3

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Just like to notify that there are MORE standing tickets available for the 29th Wembley Arena on Ticketmaster.

Whoa!!! 2nd date!!!

Aw fuck...I need someone's credit card to purchase the ticket. Any takers? :chef:

I seriously would go (of course) but I went on a shopping spree and splurged on summer dresses and pretty stuff :drevil:

OFF-TOPIC (READ IT ANYWAY!): I went to 'The Mean Fiddler' (got lost on the way--was fuckin' drunk) yesterday to the 'Rock' night. It was a [Jimmy Carr] lil' bi' shit really but I requested a GNR song and the DJ played WTTJ...FUCK...The entire place went mental!!!--I mean, the most mental they got that night. As a result, I lost my mum's phone (but later found) and red lipstick whilst being shoved about. Sorts makes me wonder what it'll be like at the ACTUAL concert when it's for real if that's anything to go by then people will get hurt :tongue2:

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