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I think they're a pretty generic band. A lot of their songs sound the same to me. But that's me, you know. I've only heard their radio songs, which I dig. So you can check a greatest hits cd or something. Don't think that helped much, but my parents tell me the same thing :P Keep looking pretty! Out.

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Wow Boston is an incredible band!! rock3 A lot of people only know them for More than a Feeling but they have also very beautiful ballads like "Amanda" listen to that one *ParadiseCityGirl*,is awesome. :heart:

You'll love it. :D It's been such a long time and A man i'll never be a pretty good also.

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They sold alot more albums then they should of.

To quote someone else from the forum, "Just because it's rock doesn't mean it rocks"

They are the most "Overrated Underrated" band of all-time.

Well, that made zero sense..... Never mind....

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