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Sebastian Bach not advertised on the tickets?


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Supposedly his band are playing in support on every UK date apart from Glasgow. So is his band not on the tickets? Just says, special guest Bullet for a Valintine.


They're not playing Manchester are they?


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Oh I think BFMV are still the support, but GNR will have two supports. I mean there is an article in newswire that says they'll be on the UK your, but won't be in the UK on the 21,22 and 23 (so yeah, rick, my mistake they won't be at manchester either).

Then again, on the Hammersmith ticket it never announced a special guest. Although these tickets are quite fancy with logo's and holograms, you would think they would be more accurate with who's all going to be supporting.

Perhaps Bazz's band isn't even playing and it was just an internet roumer???

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Does Baz hate Scotland or something :P


no he has to fly to japan tht day to do his concert thing there

I know.... I'm quite disappointed about that :(. And the folks i'm going with like Bullet so i can't just skip them the way i did in Ireland. Ohh how I suffer for guns N Roses :P. Anyways, should be a phenomenal gig, i can't wait :D

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