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Ultimate Alice Cooper poll


The Coop  

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My picks:

Best albums:

1. Billion Dollar Babies

2. School's Out

3. Welcome to My Nightmare

4. Hey Stoopid

5. Killer

6. Dragontown

7. The Last Temptation

8. Love it To Death

9. Trash

Best songs:

1. No More Mr. Nice Guy

2. Only Women Bleed

3. School's Out

4. I'm Eighteen

5. Teenage Lament '74

6. Under My Wheels

7. Poison

8. Hey Stoopid

9. Lost in America

Best eras:

1. Alice Cooper band

2. Cooper 89-97

3. Solo Cooper 75-87

4. 2000+ Cooper

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No Brutal Planet on the albums list?

Anyway, my dream Cooper set list would look something like this, I should like it, because it's the set the band I'm in plays...

Set 1

Hello Hooray

Is it My Body

Go to Hell


Welcome to my Nightmare

Billion Dollar Babies

Caught in a dream


Man of the Year

Lost In America

Only Women Bleed

Cold Ethyl


Set 2

Under my Wheels

Sick Things

I'm so Angry

Feed My Frankenstein

Brutal Planet

Dead Babies

Dwight Frye

I Love The Dead

Devils Food

Black Widow

Muscle of Love


Schools Out

No More Mr Nice Guy


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Well, I gave the Other option for the albums.

Killer's your favorite album? Why?

Probably because of Halo Of Flies, that one song just drives me nuts when I hear it.

But it's also got some great tunes like Under My Wheels, Be My Lover, Desperado, You Drive Me Nervous, Dead Babies

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original Alice Cooper band...by a fuckin country mile!

You make it sound like Cooper is a bad solo artist.

Or that the band was so good!

The band was absolutely superb. No doubt, but Cooper held his own as a solo artist. The first bit I heard of him was from the album "Hey Stoopid". I got hooked, went bought "Billion Dollar Babies", at first I was shocked HOW different it was, but then I fell in love with it. Personally I think Cooper has had a solid career ever since 69. With the exception of the albums released between 82-87, which sucked.

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Guest knerken

Love It To Death and Dirty Diamonds are his best albums. I voted Love It To Death.

His best song has got to The Ballad of Dwight Fry! When the Second Coming-outro is fading into the Dwight Fry-intro, chills run down my spine!

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original Alice Cooper band...by a fuckin country mile!

You make it sound like Cooper is a bad solo artist.

Or that the band was so good!

I have the entire Cooper catalogue (vinyl and cd...and some 8 tracks)..Alice was a great solo artist.

In my opinion nothing comes close to the original band...Alice jumped on a lot of bandwagons as a solo artist over the years...that's fine,lots of great material came out of it.

And I greatly respect him for shaking things up in his music,dabbling in different genres.

He's pretty much settled into a sound that tends to lean towards metal (and I don't mean the growling stuff...there's more to metal than just that).

But in their day,the original band was very cutting edge..as Alice has said "we were the band that drove a stake through the heart of the love generation".

They were a feared band in mainstream society...moreso than the hippie movement preceding them.

Nothing the solo Alice did matched what the original band achieved,on stage or on record.

(but that's not a band thing)

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