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2006 European Guns N' Roses Tour


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guns n' roses made one hell of a fucking comeback i mean axl being on eddie trunk and being on KROQ on the phone doing the new york gigs and completeing the 2006 European Tour unlike 2001 and 2002

way to go gnr :D rock1

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Certainly was a fantastic tour! SOOOOOOOOO glad its finally rolling the way it should! Now all we have to do is be a little patient and wait for uncle Axls early christmas present, well, i assume it will be out before xmas :P

Heres hopin!

Anyways, its about fuckin time the music scene was shaken up a little and GnR are just the band to do it!

Cant wait!!

Peace :krider:

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Amazing post Indy! You've always been the best at the kinda stuff.

You know what? I fucking love Guns N' Roses.

I'm really happy for them.

And I wish them only the best in the future.

Forget the skeptics.

Now they just need to get their asses back to the United States!

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Considering this tour had its load of difficulties, i want to thank the band for pulling through.

I wanto thank axl for continuing when his voice was hurt, for being such an amazing artist.

I want to thank Baz for helping and i guess, being there.

I want to thank all the musicians for adjusting to new situations as the tour went on, it shows how great of professionals you guys are. it wasn't easy and you did it.

I want to thank Izzy for giving me the pleasure to see him on stage after so long.

And i want to thank Frank for " doing it" at such a short notice.


Whatever will be written about last night is nothing compared to the courage this band has, and the courage to be ON stage when someone is sick.

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Cool post Indy, I read it all.

Very well done!

Yeah, this summer tour was awesome, I still remember how I was sitting in front of my laptop at night May, 12th, reading the updates from the frist Hammerstein gig :D The board was buzzing.

Still could kick my own ass for not attending one single show, but well, one can't have it all... Next year!

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Brilliant post.

Who would have thought at the start of this year that we would see Axl and the band live.

I last saw him 13 years ago and to be honest I didn't think I would see him again.

Thank you Axl and the rest of the guys for an amazing tour. I managed to get to three gigs and they were all amazing.

Come back soon guys.

G n ' R still rock!!

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Fantastic post Indy!

It was a very good tour, I got to see them

at this years Roskilde Festival, and it was one of the best Gigs i have ever seen!

I hope their put CD out this year and keep on playing Gigs.

Welcome Back to the Top GNR, Keep Rocking!

Edited by Morten..
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The tour was good yes. But it was not so amazing that some of you wanr it to be.

1) to many solos wich made many people dont like the new guitarists. Not one of them was impressing to be honest.

2) Axl seems to get older,not so active on stage as he was in 2002.

3) half emty arenas some places tell us that the tour should bebetter promoted.

4) Axl should have done alot more interviews then he did. If he wants free publicity. its a shame he diddnt do more then a couple..

it was good , but could have been a way better if Axl wanted to.....

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