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Quote of the tour


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I havent followed to closely any of the European shows..like I kept up with all the New York shows...

so, my favorite would have to be..I dont remember it word for word..

"I see you singing those songs..You downloaded them..Fuckers."


I love that..

Agreed brilliant rock3

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I liked the one...I don't know what concert it was...Maybe Novarck, Austria....Don't know how it exacly goes...

After seeing a banner which said ''Axl is god'':

Axl something like: No, I'm not. If I were, there would be 3/4 girls in the audience and the rest would be pizza.


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After realizing that benefits from the festival was going to help children with problems:

”This show is dedicated to all those who have the potential to become as fucked up as I am” (Roskilde June 29, 2006)

And of course the one about the Swedes:

”I didn´t expect the Swedes to have good taste, but I expected them to taste good" (Helsinki July 5, 2006)

/Jake :)

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"To introduce a friend of mine, my manager, my future cell mate, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Sebastian Bach!" -RDS, Dublin, June 9.

Ah yes

That cracked me up. Great concert, that was...he was cracking jokes all night :heart:

"Drunken fucking Irish" and also when he stated irish dancing on stage, that was a great concert... rock3

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In Dublin on the 9th of june.Just after he was being bashed for being late at previous shows.he started on time (was due on stage at 8pm and started almost bang on time) and after the first few intro songs,he looked into the sun with his hand shading his eyes and said something along the lines of "help me help me , i'm melting i'm melting (in the tone of the witch from wizard of oz),i'm not normally out this early in the day (big laugh).i thought that was priceless and made me thing axl is now thinking of the fans and will start the remainder of the tour on time or slightly late.of course we all know what happened,haha.

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