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This is slightly getting on my nerves - my best mate isn't that big a Guns N' Roses fan, but she occasionally wants to check some things about them, so she's got an account - one she rarely uses - here as well. Anyway, she was signing into the forum on the computer I'm using once and since the "Remember me" option is ticked by default when you sign in and it slipped her mind to uncheck it, it was left at that. So the forum started automatically signing me in as her when I first open up the main page.

I made her log in again, uncheck the "remember me" box and sign out, but occasionally (and at what seems completely random times) this still happens. :question: Someone please tell me how to fix it, because it's quite annoying. In addition to that, when I try to reply to threads, it'll sometimes throw me out of the forum by itself and say something along the lines of "you must be logged in to do that." :question:

Thanks in advance. :)

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