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Van Halen - Fair Warning


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Fair Warning is my favorite Van Halen album. Unchained has a classic guitar riff, Mean Streets, So this is love, Sinners Swing, Sunday Afternoon in the park/One foot out the door etc... This album kicks so much ass.

Agree/Disagree? Your thoughts.

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Completely agree with you about Fair Warning. I think it doesn't get the recognition it deserves. 1984, 5150 were more "popular" but I think Fair Warning is a true "rock album" and Eddie's guitar playing is fantastic. VH2 and Women and Children First were good, but Fair Warning brings you back to the strength that VH1 was.

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What I like about this album is its all Eddie. The first 3 VH albums were all written as far back as 1976, more or less. When it came to 'Fair Warning', they just finished another tour and Alex,Dave and Mike all looked at Ed and said "Well, what do you got?" Ed said "Me? What about you guys? How about a little help?"

So Ed came up with all the songs on his own(except for "Mean Streets" which was a demo from the mid-70's, different name and arrangement/lyrics, but the same tune). Apparently, during the recording, Ed would sneak back into the studio and re-do his own guitar licks. I think he did a great job. I wish he would get that 'fire' again today, but I'm afraid he's run out of ideas, not too mention he's on a head trip now.

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