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Bumblefoot chats with GNR fans in chatroom

King Dick

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Bumblefoot was nice enough to chat with some GNR fans at the fansite rosesofvelvet.com chatroom last night. The chatlog (with some of the bullshitting and unnecessary chatter edited out) can be found in this thread there:


I realize its linking to another board and should maybe go to Aint It Fun, but I thought the content of the topic is something all fans should see.

Thanks to the ROV people for arranging this and thanks to Ron for spending over an hour and a half chatting with us.

He also gave me permission to use his songs in my productions :) I dont know if that was left in there or not. Ron is the fucking man :shades:

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Ron just rocks. He's such a great guy.

So, did I understand that right, that they were supposed to start rehearsing new songs last night?

he didn't say really just that they were starting rehearsals last night. the chat was great fun rock4

he made it clear at the beginning that he couldn't say much about GnR

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DoubleTalkingJive : So Ron, what was the definitive moment in your life that you said, I want to do this for a living?

Bumblefoot : Definitive moment - I was 5, my brother's friends played me the Kiss Alive! album, and I knew, at that moment, that I wanted to wear make-up and wear high-heels. I mean, be a musician.


Awesome read. Thanks for posting. rock3


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Ron's the shit yo!

Its amazing how when you hang with him he acts like the coolest down to earth guy almost like your friend and just a few minutes ago he was playing to 1000s of people with GNR!!

Yeah it's pretty amazing to think about.... I only wish I was half as cool as Ron is.

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