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Justin quits The Darkness

Guest knerken

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to be honest i dont think they'll ever top the debut album "permission to land" ......which was A grade queen meets the stones, i saw them live on that tour and the energy and vibe from those songs was immense, its a shame but the debut is always there to listen to to remember them .....second album was dissapointing and Justin solo is a bad idea...its just tacky, where as him as lead in the darkness was perfectly suited for him...i really dont understand as his brother is in the band..you would think that would be a reason to stay and not quit

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Too bad. For me, Justin is The Darkness

Yeah, same here :o

Damn :no:

thirded. Fuck that SUCKS! Justin Hawkins = The Darkness. This is like Axl leaving GnR after Lies......

Yea, I'm really bummed...I was already excited for the next album :(

It's a shame I'll never get to see them live.

I hope Justin gets better soon and has a better life :)

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