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Ever seen Ted Nugent live?


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I saw Sweaty Teddy in 1986 opening for Aerosmith, and Aerosmith was still on drugs.......YEAH!!

Anyway, the house lights were on, the piped in music had stopped for a few minutes and Ted comes out from behind the drums, shirtless and wearing white leather pants. The crowd went nuts. I'd never seen somebody/band just walk out while the house lights were on. Then, this hot chic wearing some skimpy lingerie walked from the side of the stage carrying Ted's guitar. Crowd goes nuts again. Ted says "Look at these mother fuckers up front, their all jacking off."

He's a great showman and guitar player.

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saw him labor day weekend, he fuckin' rocked! i mean i expected him to, but it was worth it just to see stranglehold live. he came out to play cat scratch fever for the encore and it started sprinkling. as soon as he finished and walked of the stage, it started POURING. the man must have some serious mojo or somethin'. lol

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First saw Ted in '79...an event called the World Music Festival in Toronto.Headlined by Aerosmith.

Also on the bill,Nazareth,Johnny Winter,Ramones and a few others.

Ted came out while the house music was still playing...it was the loudest fucking wail I've ever heard in my life...it physically hurt my eardrums.To this day the loudest attack I've ever heard come out of a P.A. at a concert.

Ted was still pulling out the cream of his material at that time..it was an excellent show!

Saw him a few years later...with the "Guitar Army"...Ted and THREE other guitarists! (I think that was around the Intensities in Ten Cities era)...not sure.

That was cool but a bit overkill on the guitars...I mean christ,all you NEED is Ted!

Saw him open for Kiss on one of the many reunion tours,unfortunate to see Ted had worked all his Republican blather into his show...unnecessary.

Cool show otherwise,but nowhere near the intensity of a 70's Nuge show!

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