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This is Bullshit

Vincent Vega

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I think it is MORE than a rock n roll album. CD is bigger than rock n roll.

It's way more interesting than than the Second Coming. Jesus would turn up and I'd say, "Did you bring a cd? No. Well you've got a lot of work to do."

If this isnt a masterpiece then what is? Poison's Greatest Hitz I suppose.

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appetite for destruction isnt forgotten, welcome to the jungle is played numerous times in nearly every football stadium for thousands to hear. i heard sweet child o mine on a csi (miami?) a week ago. paradise city is being used now or at least was used as an add for harley davidson on tv. axl has been forgotten, not his music, and thats thanks to being a paranoid recluse.

cd is just a rock album, but hopefully it does prove to be more.

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Your havin a fuckin laugh the old guys stuff is already forgotten???????????????????????

Aye your so fuckin spot on there thats why the likes of paradise city sweet child, jungle ycbm and the list goes fuckin on keeps topping greatest riffs and song polls all over the world and axl fuckin hasbeen rose is getting his hired guns to play the CLASSIC stuff every night at the shows and is too fucking scared to release this fucked up album cause of the leaks we heard they dont come fucking close to the old line ups material.

How the fuck did you become a mod?

I hope u don´t have whining about that CD isn´t released?

There´s obviously no reason for you to long for it. And it´s also obvious that you are here only for the bitching. Maby you loved this band once, but it seems so clear for me that no matter what, you have decided to not love this band again. So why are u here?

I can stand to see peoples opinoins, but u have that critical combination of two opinions that make NO SENSE. At all.

Pretty sure that CD will suck+Whining and bitching it never comes out

So choose ONE of those or fuck off.

well hows the cheese off axls dick, why am i here well im curious to see why that fucking hasbeen ruined the greatest fucking rock and roll band on the planet i wont buy cd but i will download it cause i dont think it will be worth the fucking money so fuck you axl ill fucking download it for free cause those leaks are fuckin poor man. This band treat their fans like shit but you all just accept it and are hoping for the greatest rock and roll record to ever have been but your fuckin dilluded.

You know what will happen though vr will release a fucking pure rock and fuck you roll album next year look after us fans and give us some great fucking shows, cause you see thats what real bands do unlike this fucking train wreck that used to be the greatest fuckin band on the planet.

And anyone who prefers this piece of shit to the old line up are just fuckin idiots i mean who prefers a cover band to the real fucking thing eh?

How´s the shit off Slashs ass? So u have waited for "for 13 years" just to know how to bash Axls work? you got serious problems dude.

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Have you turned on the radio in the last 12 years? Rock n' Roll is coming back now stronger than ever. The LONGER he waited, the better. Maybe he knew about this... maybe cuz like, HE'S A ROCK STAR!, and waited most of this time on purpose. (At least up til 2002)

I don't think a new Guns ablbum would have been well recieved in 96 or 98.

There IS a master plan, but only in the sense that he knows the music biz more on an "Intel" level compared to the average music listener or consumer, because he's in the biz and has contacts

Hello, rock n roll is dead. The only things on the charts these days is Hip Hop (including Rap) and Reggaeton and that cheesy dance shit.

Ya, garbage ass 'machine' music as i call it. All 3 of those genres you just named use drum machince and synths as primary 'instruments.' No soul whatsoever!! Thats why it's kind of upsetting to hear synth and drum machines in some of the new GnR track... but aside from Rhiad, and Silkworms... at least it's not very prominent.

Anyway, i wouldn't say rock n roll is exactly dead, but it's definately not on top like it should be, mostly due to a lot of shitty, no talent, garbage ass new bands! I still can't believe Axl had Bullet for my Valentine open for them! Talk about a garbage ass band!! All that screaming, roaring fucking shit has to go! Im so sick of it!! Doesn't anyone sing anymore?? Someone should hold a huge festival full of hardcore and emo bands, and then blow the shit up!!! hahahahahahahah :anger:rock3

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