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Funny Axl quotes /rants from this year

Son Of A Gun

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" you guys are fucking crazy , you are insane i should know as i am scottish myself .. Ok the people in the front are getting crushed to fuck and people are being carried out here so can we please take few steps back and help these guys out down here ? ... thank you" Glasgow Scotland

into Mr Brownstone and crowd goes fucking crazier!!

"How you doing the fightin fucking irish" dublin , ireland

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Manchester (i think..)

"Richard hasn't been asleep for about two days 'cause he's been workin on a song...and i haven't been asleep because i was working on erm....well i don't remember what her name was...so...bt i was working hard, ok..you can trust me..you can trust me...i gave it my..my all"

I loved that

Makes me smile every time I listen to it

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At Download festival

Sitting at piano, half way through november rain as the song slows down before the final guitar solo he just stops playing, grins at the crowd, points at the drinks on top of the piano 'which one has the vodka in?' launches into the end of the song

(roughly) You see the moo tonight? You know if we were in Dublin we'd see that same moon"

'You shittin me?'

'No its true!'

You shittin me!'

'No my manager told me that!' axl then sings 'if you shit me now....' to the tune of if you leave me now you take away the greatest part of me.

At Nottingham

Dizzy Reed doin soem kind o crazy piano piece and then Axl climbs on top of the grand piano and dances about, later he did some kind of cossacl type dance, arms crosses oevr his chest hopping from ne foot to the other.

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