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My review of the Iron Maiden concert


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So, here's my review: ;)

Me and my friend arrived at about 5.45 p.m. at the Hallenstadion in Zurich. I bought a tourshirt and then I started queing for the concert.

Some minutes past 6 the doors opened and we could go in. We ate and drank something, went to the toilet and then we went into the stadium. It looked good, we were in the 3rd or 4th row.

The first opening act was Lauren Harris, by the way, the daughter of the Iron Maiden guitarist Steve Harris, and her band. They were okay, allthough she impressed more with her look than her voice. The bassist looked like he played in a 80s glam metal band (which I think is cool) and the guitarist was fast, but it didn't impress me really. The sound mix wasn't that good, either. They were okay, but they didn't worm more than a casual applause out of me.

The second opening act was Trivium. I liked their Metallica like trash-metal. I also liked the guitarist and the singer was good at his guitar, too. All in all, a good performance.

And now we had to wait another 30 minutes. The stadium was now very crowded. The stage was not as wide as the one Guns N' Roses used. The stage design was okay, allthough there was no screen. There were different pictures in the background and some skeletons (or maybe it was Eddie, their mascot, I couldn't see it correctly), in uniform.

At 9 o'clock, Iron Maiden started to play their first song: "Different World". In the forefront of the concert it was already known, that they will play their whole new album "A Matter Of Life And Death". But some people weren't informered, so I guess they were quite dissapointed, becacuse not all people own this album.Still the atmosphere was really good, but I had too look, that I didn't fell, because it was really tight and all people pushed against each other. Some people did stumble, but the others looked, that they didn't get crushed. So during the first song I concentrated more on staying on my feet than on the music. So me and my friend decided to move a bit to the side, still as close to the stage as before, but not in the center anymore.

Bruce Dickinson thanked us Swiss people for buying their new album. We wanted to reply and so all the 13000 people wanted to do the wave. But somehow we messed up and didn't do the real wave, just the beginning of it and Bruce said: "Well, I don't know what this means, but it looks real cool".

The last three songs of their new album were a highlight of the show. "The Legacy" was awesome and it blew me away. Really good song. And Dickinson sounded amazing during this song and the whole concert. "For The Greater Good Of Good" was kick-ass, too.

Then they started to play some old songs. First of all, "Fear Of The Dark", a beautiful song. And the mood of the crowd got even better now and I started to toss my hair even more.

Then they played "Iron Maiden". During this song a tank appeared on the stage and Eddie looked out of it and started to look for the enemy with his field-glasses. Later Eddie appeared again as a big puppet (about 5 meters) and wlaked around on the stage. Then Iron Maiden went off the stage. But of course they came back and played some enocres. Dickinson said, that allthough Switzerland builds really good watches, they all seem to go false, because it's "Two Minutes To Midnight". After this song I yelled again "Brave New World" onstage, but they didn't play it.

Most of the time, Janick Gers, the guitarist, was right in front of me. He did some crazy stuff, like playing with his feet and throwing his guitar in the air. I always tried to get some reaction from him, so I waved my hands towards him, like I did before with Bruce Dickinson who reacted and pointed his finger at me. And Gers also saw me waveing and he began to laugh and poke his tongue out at me. And I almost caught a drumm stick. I jumped, but I couldn't reach it. It flew like 5 centimeters over my head. And Bruce also played with the spotlight, that was really cool.

At last, they played "The Evil That Man Do" and "Hallowed Be Thy Name", which was the best song of the concert. An amazing performance. Then they went offstage after they played almost 2 hours.

A really good concert, allthough they should have done some solos. But it was definitely a good performance. Get tickets.


1. Different World

2. These Colors Don't Run

3. Brighter Than a Tousand Sun

4. The Pilgrim

5. The Longest Day

6. Out of the Shadows

7. The Reincarnation of Benjamin Bregg

8. For the Greater Good of God

9. Lord of Light

10. The Legacy

11. Fear of the Dark

12. Iron Maiden

13. Two Minutes to Midnight

14. The Evil That Man Do

15. Hallowed by Thy Name

pics I did with my mobile phone:











More pics:






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Glad you enjoyed it. Iron Maiden's new album is incredible. Best since the late 80s in my mind. I'm not just saying that like everyone else does. It is really strong.

Well, it's an amazing album, but I'm not sure, if I like Brave New World or this one more. But it's definitely a real good record. rock3

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