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my brother has been downloading tunes from bear share and u tube says that his laptop s now dead because of virus's. He says not to watch anthing from you tube gnr videos etc as it is full of virus's is this right has anyone else had problems watchng things of you tube is there any anti virus thingy u can download to stop this happenng. anyone else had problems on you tube ?????

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No. No problems.

Not from youtube anyway.

Did he use keepvid for youtube? You can't normally DL off of youtube you know..

Kevin's PC Health


Ad-Aware SE (daily)

McAfee (weekly)

Spybot - Search and destroy (daily)

Start>>All Programs>> Accessories>> system tools>> disk cleanup (as needed)

Defrag (weekly)

For programs use call by referencing to save RAM.

I do all of this and my computer's awesome. ^_^

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no he didn't he says are these programs free to download can anyone give a linc for these sites is that other site gunnerstube.com safe to use dont no much about computers sorry

I've never used gunnerstube.com.

McAfee isn't free.

For the rest I direct you to what's already on your computer and here.


I've got an exam now, I'll be back at 8 if you need help.

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I doubt that anything downloaded from youtube would be infected. He's probably getting his viruses from something else. If you're looking for a good (and free) antivirus program, try AVG. You can get it here:

AVG Anti-Virus

Yeah that's good.. But really he must be watching porn or something. You can't even download off of youtube without using something like keep vid.

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what about bear share and i tunes does that give computer virses

I don't know what bear share is, but I highly doubt that iTunes would ever be the cause of a virus. If it was, it would be a total fluke.

bear share is like an old shitty version of kazaa..

Dude use torrents..

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