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Elvis wasn't really that good in my eyes. I mean he was obviously a great singer, and showman, but I noticed he didn't really write much of his own tunes. And the yes the second comment of mine showed a little disrespect. But the first one was an honest opinion. I think Chuck Berry is the real King of Rock N' Roll.

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Elvin Pelvin is Christ, i dont give a fuck WHAT he wrote, old rock n rollers were ALL like that up until the early 60s, they all sang each others shit and there werent this anal attention to authorship, it was about the music, not who shit belonged to. all of berrys stuff, elvins stuff, jerry lee et al, they all fuckin...y'know, they all played each others shit...

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back when Elvis came along it was an extreme rarity for an artist to write his own songs. it's just the way it was done back then. you had writers and then you had artists. but, the way Elvis arranged the stuff and his interpretation of songs was stellar. listen to the original versions of "That's All Right", "Don't Be Cruel", or "Hound Dog" and you can easily see that Elvis breathed a whole new life into the songs. and in doing so, he brought attention to artists like Berry, who would never have been exposed to the masses if not for the success of Presley.

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"Brown-Eyed Handsome Man" is my favorite Berry tune, and Berry is one of my favorites as well. also, every month at the Blueberry Hill Cafe in St. Louis, MO you can go see Chuck play live. i'm gonna go this summer on my way back from Memphis.

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