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DVD recorder help...


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This might be an impossible task to explain, but how can I record a VHS on to a DVD?

Right now, I haven't figured out to record from the TV or anything yet. I have the VHS, DVD player and Freeview (cable) box connected in differant scart sockets to the TV. Should I somehow be connecting them together? Each of them has spair Scarts on them anyway.

I have some videos that are quite rare i would like to transfer, but I've no clue about going about it. :question:

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easy way is get a dvd and vhs player combined. where i used to work we sold one that could record dvd -> VHS and VHS -> DVD for only £110 i was going to get one but never had the money at the time.

but thats your best bet. if you go somewhere Dixons, Curry's or a shop like that you should get one fairly easy.

but i want one aswell so i can record strait to dvd.

quick search turned up this


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Alternatively buy a TV Tuner for your PC.

These normally come with a normal Analogue input (as well as Composite Video and Scart input) which you can connect directly to your VCR. You can then record the output in whatever quality you so desire.

I'm not really in a position to tell you what to buy (unless you're using a Mac), but i had a similar problem a few years back and I bought one of these which can connect to video/ digital box/ tv/ xbox etc. I then use DVD Studio Pro or Toast to convert it to DVD.

There will obviously be good PC equivelants - if that's what you're using - someone else may can help you there.

Provided the source VHS is of a decent quality and not wrecked by tracking errors, the results are great.

Ssiscool's suggestion sounds a good buy mind!

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